Application of conceptual tank model to Malaprabha catchment using Simulink

Name of the Speaker Poornima Chandralekha
Title of the Seminar Application of conceptual tank model to Malaprabha catchment using Simulink.
Date &Time 11 August 2022 (Thursday) at 5 PM
Venue ICWaR Seminar Hall

Abstract: Rainfall-runoff model using one or more Tanks as a conceptual representation of input-storage-output systems for hydrological processes is extremely popular and has been widely used in significant parts of the world, notably in Asia. The present study is focused on the development and application of the Tank model to the Malaprabha basin, which is in the semi-arid region of Karnataka State, India. The novelty of the present research is that the Tank models were developed using Simulink, an extension of MATLAB is a graphics-based model development environment for system modeling and simulation. In the present analysis, models with 1, 2, and 3 tanks were created and applied to the Malaprabha basin using rainfall and climate data as inputs. Calibration and validation of the models were performed using observed streamflow records at the outlet of the basin. Various statistics such as the Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency (NSE), the coefficient of determination (R2), root mean square error (RMSE), and percent bias error (PBIAS) were used to evaluate the relative performances of the three model formulations in simulating total runoff at daily, monthly and annual time steps. Sensitivity analysis showed that the maximum contribution to total runoff occurred from the deepest tank, indicating the importance of groundwater contribution to runoff in the Malaprabha basin. The study demonstrates the potential for Simulink to serve as an important tool in the development and application of conceptual hydrological models.

Date(s) - 11/08/2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research (ICWaR) - IISc Bangalore