Dynamic Data Assimilation – overview

Name of the Speaker: Prof. S. Lakshmivarahan

Title of the Seminar: Dynamic Data Assimilation – overview

Date and Time: 23 August 2023 (Wednesday), 5:00pm

Online Platform: MS Teams (link to the video of the seminar)

About the Speaker: After completing his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science in 1973, S. Lakshmivarahan held faculty and post-doctoral positions at the IIT-Madras, Brown and Yale Universities through 1978. In the Fall of 1978, he joined the School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma (OU) where he held the position of George Lynn Cross (GLC) Research Professor since 1995. Since July 2019, he holds the position of GLC Research Professor Emeritus at OU.

His research interests are in Applied Mathematics and Computation and includes Data Mining and Analytics, Data Assimilation, Computational Finance, Parallel Computation and Learning Algorithms. He is author/coauthor of six books in these areas. Two of his books – “Dynamic Data Assimilation: a least squares approach” Cambridge University Press, 2006 and “Forecast Error Correction using Dynamic Data Assimilation, Springer, 2017 together cover all aspects of the theory and applications of Data Assimilation in Science and Engineering.

He was elected as a Fellow of the IEEE in 1993 and a Fellow of ACM in 1995. He has held short-term visiting positions at Centers of Higher Learning in Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Germany, England, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and USA.

Abstract: There is a steady shift away from the analog model building and upward scaling analysis towards mathematical/digital representation of the physical processes – called digital twin, that captures most if not, all aspects of the process in question. While models represent our perceptions and are abstractions of reality, the actual observations of physical processes (modulo the measurement noise) represent reality. The mathematical process of bridging the gap between the model and the observation has come to be known as Data Assimilation. Using a simple example, this talk will bring out the benefits of data assimilation in improving the quality of forecast products. An overview of various methods for dynamic data assimilation will be provided.

Date(s) - 23/08/2023
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research (ICWaR) - IISc Bangalore