Preliminary studies on developing a sensor for dopamine

Name of the Speaker Pavithra N
Title of the Seminar Preliminary studies on developing a sensor for dopamine
Date &Time 13 June 2022 (Monday) at 5 PM
Venue Lecture Hall, ICWaR

Abstract: Dopamine is a catecholamine that is an essential neurotransmitter in the human body. Thus, even a minute variation in its concentration and metabolism leads to severe neurological damage or diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, and many more. It could be prevented at some scale by early detection. Nanoparticles have a remarkable ability to be used in sensors for detection purposes. This study synthesized copper oxide nanoparticles for dopamine detection, accompanied by the enzyme tyrosinase used as a sensing material. The structural characterization of the nanoparticles and their interaction with dopamine via fluorescence spectroscopy was done to determine the sensitivity. The sensing material showed a selective response to dopamine and no response to interfering analytes like ascorbic acid, cysteine, and tyrosine. The limit of detection (LOD) of dopamine is observed to be 5 µM. This study indicates that sensing material can be a probe for detecting dopamine. This material is further used to develop electrochemical or solid-state sensors.

Date(s) - 13/06/2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research (ICWaR) - IISc Bangalore